The Astonishing Pakistani Fashion Shows Bringing Women Rights

Chitral Chicks – Pakistan

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The women of Chitral in the Hindu Kush in Pakistan are typically avoided of sight and also from power. The arrival of a worldwide style line is changing every little point.

The clothing line, Carvana, is urging great deals of community ladies supplying a market for their standard sewing capacities. Numerous currently make more than their partners. As it'' s not simply ladies profiting from the job– there'' s additionally a previous Taliban participant functioning for Carvana.

Created by ABC Australia. Ref – 2533

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30 replies on “The Astonishing Pakistani Fashion Shows Bringing Women Rights

    • nevertr ustapaki

      india never was in stone age while you porkies are still in stone age.
      your ‘bheek’ from USA gonna stop when USA leaves afghanistan, and deserts you
      how will you survive?
      send yr sister to me for one week ration

  • Pulloo 719

    I think we need to redefine whats civilization is ? Is it define by human behaviors or the abundance of materials wealth within a given community? If civilization is define by human behaviors, then what are the qualities of a civilize human behaviors? if civilization is define by the abundance of wealth in a given community or society then we rank nations in terms of civilized and uncivilized by the GDP of the country………….

  • KL Rider

    So much of improvement for women’s right in Pakistan indeed.

    This idiot must be smacking his head for getting it all wrong. In fact, Pakistan went backwards in women’s rights.

    What happened to Malala is so tragic and what’s even more tragic is that the majority in the country don’t support her plight. They’re on the side of the Taliban

    • jack sutton

      America is alone in the western word with it’s lack of gun control and yes girls are killed in mass shootings along with the boys.  But even to gun nuts this is not socially or culturally acceptable.  Islamic countries (especially ones with shaira law) are barbaric and stone-aged.  Women are second class citizens and suffer appalling violence and oppression and it is culturally and socially acceptable.  What worse?  Dunno, both fuct tho!! 

    • anthony baiocchi

      +jack sutton dunno mate, didn’t you hear… they wouldn’t wear the clothes that are made? make you think, no? And maybe hanging around 2 open minded’ modern Aus lassies could start cogs moving, me thinks?? Western capitalism and creativity meets 3rd world skills and necessity… and it works!

  • jack sutton

    What hipster prick would buy this crap and support such a vile way of life!  Wow you are so open minded lady!  Good for you! Spew!

    • John Algarme

      I keep in mind, Malala Yousafzai, whenever I reference anything about Pakistan or interact with Pakistani people. It is the dark side of the Pakistani male ego that shot Malala and it is that dark side that I attack.Your choice of moon loon clearly indicates that you are a lunatic so you should do something about this unfortunate moniker. There is nothing good or bad that distinguishes the year of 1972 so I take it as your year of birth; far, far from the
       7th century barbarism that is Islam today. I highly admire the two western women that have brought hope and a modicum of relief to the women of Pakistan. Now you, as a Pakistani, tell me what you have done to make things better or are you in need of castration yourself ?

    • John Algarme

      +Jimmy Beam Well said ! At last someone, with something to say, speaks up. All anyone can do at this point is prepare well and remain alert. I am not impressed by any superstition or any political persuasion and I am no passivist, don’t make yourself a target and Jim, lay off the liquor !

  • moonloon1972

    کیسا جنت نظیر ملک ھے ہمارا خدا جانے کس دشمن کی نظر لگ گئ۔ اے اللہ میرے ملک کو ایک بار پھر امن اور خوشھالی کا گہوارا بنا دے۔ آمین

  • Faraz Shah

    they dont show the orgies and homo sexual parties that pakistani liberals are holding in major cities after fashion shows where former pm tony blair and wife were spotted. This documentary is nice but showed the most conservative view of Pakistan. Do a show on Lahore and its Liberal movement 

  • amjad sharif

    i am pakistani living in canada since 1990,,,,,one thing i dont understand why they want muslim women to shed their clothes and go naked,,,why are they mentally sick,pervert mind,why please for gods sake i wanna know

  • Cyber Enterprise

    respect every culture as it is, donot try to impose your own agenda on some culture or society, let them live as THEY want, don’t spread propaganda again and again!! 


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